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Childproof Fireguards

Hearth Design (Design A)
Open Fire Design (Design B)


We manufacture two designs of childproof fireguard - one suitable for freestanding hearth fires and one suitable for open fires.


The Fireguard is:
  • Securely mounted to the wall at four points
  • The gaps between uprights have been set to stop children reaching through towards the fire
  • The thickness of the wire and the frames have been specifically selected as they disperse heat rapidly. The thinner the metal the less heat is retained. This is especially important as the guard is at the height of a childs face and soft hands.
The Childproof Fireguard has been designed with safety and convenience in mind. Consideration has been given to the height, the grid size, and the stability, all to ensure your little ones are given the protection they deserve.


  • Easy access to the fire with clips that are too difficult for a child to undo
  • Easy to install with all fittings supplied
  • All panels are powdercoated black so as to blend with most home interiors.
  • When not in use the guards fold flat for storage under beds or in a wardrobe.

All panels are held in stock in quantity and are available ex showroom or would arrive to you within a week if being freighted anywhere in New Zealand.

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